Organizing various health camps at regular intervals are targeted towards providing health solutions. These health camps impart health education and sensitize the community on preventive and promotive health grounds. These camps are aimed at generating awareness, diagnosis and treatment of numerous health hazards.

Literacy Program & Women Empowerment

Hand of Hope

for Children

To restore their rightful and dignified status, women empowerment programs that provide a solid foundation to nurture the inner strength, creativity and self-esteem of women from all walks of life. With this base well established, women are now able to go out into the world, prepared to handle any challenge with skills, confidence and grace.

To provide a loving and supportive home environment for orphan, abandoned, poor, and street children and adolescents in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, ensuring that all of their basic needs are met and that they are provided with the necessary tools to go on to lead rice and fulfilling lives, and to operate 'outreach' program for other children still facing problem.

Health Care &

Awareness Program